DAVID CHERRIE, Product Strategy Advisor

Sensei of strategy — David is Sir.Conrad's strategy lead, equipped with the wisdom of Yoda and his mother, he has the amazing ability to plan strategy for Sir.Conrad as well as our clients.


Coming from both a robotics and mechatronics (engineering) and business management background before hitting the entrepreneurial scene; he's Sir.Conrad’s MVP for developing and executing multi-faceted platforms, marketing efforts, public relations and sales strategies within Sir.Conrad.

He's passion is helping the next generation of startups exporting from Australia. Our clients adore him for his honest approach and strong focus on their bottom lines.

David also functions to consistently build, manage and mentor the teams and individuals that support strategies developed here at Sir.Conrad. When he's not studying all things digital marketing, he's likely playing Fifa, working on his passion projects or spending time with friends.


  • Plays Fifa more than he likes to admit.

  • He learns German in his car

  • The answer is 'YES' - he does have moves like Jagger